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Colorado Mills livestock feeds are unique to the industry. The natural pressed sunflower meal produced in our oil extraction process still has 9 to 10% sunflower oil locked in its fiber. Matching the oil or fat content with its high protein (27%) and high fiber content (22%) make these feeds highly digestible and gives the product a desirable aroma that livestock come to crave.

The combination of protein, oil energy and fiber is excellent in developing bone and muscle growth in young animals as well as tenderness in meat producing animals. Because of its high digestibility, these feeds also work well for supplementing older animals that are having trouble maintaining condition.

Rick Robbins, General Manager
Colorado Mills

At the Ansley Cattle Ranch in Haswell, CO we are currently using Colorado Mills range cubes. Since using this feed we have not needed to doctor any of our calves as they are not getting sick. We also don’t see any scouring with our calves and the animals winter well. Our cows calve easily and produce more milk thanks to Colorado Mills range cubes. Another great benefit is that we don’t need to feed as much due to the higher fat content of this premium feed.

George Ansley Jr., Owner
Ansley Cattle Company

At the Wayne Rusher Ranch in Ordway, CO I am currently using Colorado Mills Black gold for our horses and nature’s best with cattle. Our horses really seem to do well on the feed and our cows are calving better. We really like the higher fat content and how much our animals like the feed.

Wayne Rusher, Owner
Wayne Rusher Ranch

With Helms Show Goats in Quitaque, TX I am currently using Performance Goat Feed. We have been using it for 2 years and have seen better performance with our goats. We are currently feeding 1000 head of meat and show goats. With our goats we have seen shiner coats and no scouring with higher fat content of the Performance Goat Feed.

Kenneth Helms, Owner
Helms Show Goats

At Baca Welding in Springfield, CO we are currently using black gold, nature’s best, RGR, Billy Allen. Not only do we use the feed ourselves but we also distribute to local farmers and ranchers. All of the livestock eat the feed well and it makes the cattle coats shine. Colorado Mills products are also priced competitively.

Steve Chenoweth, Owner
Baca Welding and Feed

Did you know?

3 lbs of High Oleic Sunflower Seeds are required to produce 1 lb of oil.