Sunflower Oil Testimonials

IMG_0072At Chimney Park Restaurant & Bar we look to support the local economy while using the highest quality non-GMO products and Colorado Mills High Oleic Sunflower Oil fits our model perfectly. It is ideal for our emulsified salad dressings and has the perfect neutral flavor for sautéing vegetables, proteins and shallow frying. The smoke point allows us to be very versatile with the oil across the kitchen. Chimney Park merges the refined elements of fine dining with simplicity and Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil is our choice.

Jason Shaeffer, Owner/Chef
Chimney Park Restaurant & Bar
2011 Top 100 Restaurants in US, OpenTable.com

raquelitas3We at Raquelitas Tortillas are constantly striving for innovative and healthier ingredients to keep us years ahead of the curve. Colorado Mills high oleic sunflower oil was a perfect fit for us and helped us maintain our lead. The flavor has been great and we expect our chips to achieve a longer shelf life without using artificial preservatives. We also like the local aspect of their oils too. If you are determined to use the highest grade, healthiest oil, that is locally grown and pressed – then you have found it with Colorado Mills.

Richard Schneider, Tortilla Savant/Owner
Raquelitas Tortillas

Colorado Mills High Oleic Oil is our oil of choice at Colterra because it is a healthy, non-GMO natural oil that we can use it in many areas of our kitchen. It is a very easy to work with and we love that it has a very high smoke point. We have also experienced extended life in our deep fryer compared to our traditional oil. This oil is perfect for Colterra as we want to showcase the best of Colorado’s natural beauty and goodness in our kitchen.

Michael Drazsnzak, Executive Chef
Colterra Food and Wine


Did you know?

Backed by two studies from the University of Penn State and Toronto, a diet with high oleic sunflower oil versus one with extra virgin olive oil has shown to protect against Cardiovascular Disease.