Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food


Know Your Farmer - Doug

Colorado Mills contracts with local farmers in our area to add that personal touch to our sunflower oil. Many different family farms grow the sunflower seeds that Colorado Mills uses to produce oil and feed. The majority of these farms are third generation farms that believe in using sustainable farming practices. They are proud to grow a crop from which so many restaurants, snack food companies and customers benefit.

Colorado Mills invites you to “Know Your Farmer” and “Know Your Food”. Rich Schneider, Tortilla Savant and owner of Raquelitas Tortillas in Denver, CO knows his farmers and tours their sunflower fields and Colorado Mills each year to thank them for producing the high oleic sunflower oil that he uses in his chips that are distributed nation wide.

Take the Tour!

Join us for our annual “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Tour” in theĀ fall. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?

Colorado Mills High Oleic Sunflower Oil has 3x’s the vitamin E of extra virgin olive oil.